Refinishing Kitchens & Baths – Before and After

Kitchen Refinishing

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to enhance the condition of your bathroom tubs?  If yes, then you should consider tile refinishing by consulting a professional refinishing company. The process of bathroom tub refinishing is not only budget-friendly but it is also long-lasting. The process includes resurfacing the with less demolition than replacing the tub itself.

Same goes for kitchen cabinets.  You often dream about revamping your kitchen look, and cabinets is most of the time the element that stands out the most.  Traditionally people would only consider a complete renovation to get that done.  However, with our new cutting-edge technology and expertise, we can refinish your kitchen cabinets for an entirely new look in a fraction of the time and cost of renovation.

Below, you will find the difference you will notice before and after a refinishing project for kitchen cabinets and bath tubs:


Before Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets and Bath Tiles

Before getting a grasp on the outcome of a resurfacing and painting job of your kitchen cabinets or bath tubs, it is important to understand the process.  So, let’s take a look at some scenarios of how your cabinets and bathtub may look before reglazing starts:

  • There may be small chips, scratches, stains or other damage to your bathtub
  • Your bathtub has lost its appeal and looks old and outdated
  • You’re wishing your bathtub looked new
  • The surface of the cabinet becomes less appealing and outdated
  • You’re looking to revamp the look of your kitchen
  • The finish of the cabinets start peeling off
  • Cabinet doors are scratched or damaged


After Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets and Bath Tiles

If you feel like any of the above match your description, you definitely want to consider consulting with a refinishing and resurfacing company. Here are some of the results from refinishing your kitchen and bathtub:

  • Stronger finish to last you a long time
  • The coating will not damage or lose its luster for a while
  • A surface that will be easier to clean and maintain
  • Your flexibility to choose the color and style of your new coating and trend
  • You would have saved a lot of money compared to renovation, leaving you more money in the pocket
  • Revamp the look of your home with ease and hassle-free
  • Increase the value of your home



Reglazing your bath tub and kitchen cabinets can save you a fortune if you choose the right resurfacing company. At Artistic refinishing, we have a professional resurfacing and painting team with more years of experience in the field than the competitors. We have a wide range of options to meet your requirement and return the natural beauty of your tub and cabinets. If you want to enhance the longevity of your bath tub and cabinets, you can consult with our professionals anytime.