How is Artistic Refinishing Different From Others

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Refinishing your kitchen for the first time can be demanding. It requires making huge decisions. The major challenge that you might face is hiring a refinishing company. Keep in mind that refinishing your kitchen is comparatively cost-effective than renovating your entire kitchen. It is a much smaller investment than renovation and the result is just as beautiful and long-lasting.  Choose wisely the right resurfacing company to achieve the outcome that you always envisioned.

That’s the reason why Artistic refinishing is a reliable and trusted choice for many homeowners. With considerable experience in the field of so many years as being the veteran and innovator of reglazing and painting services in the South Florida area, we ensure that you receive a factory-like finish for your kitchen cabinets and bath tubs. Furthermore, our staff takes all the necessary COVID-19 precautions to ensure that your safety and health is never compromised.

Below, you will understand why Artistic Refinishing is different than other service providers:


Inexpensive Pricing

Cabinet reglazing is much more budget-friendly compared to replacement options.  It is essential to find a company that offers reasonable pricing without compromising the quality. You need to choose a service provider that quotes the price and educates you about the process and why they are charging you that amount. We understand the needs of our clients and provide them with complete estimation according to their budget.


Minimum Downtime

Traditional renovation and replacement is very time-consuming and often can cause much distress for homeowners. In comparison, resurfacing achieves similar results in a fraction of the time and hassle.  Artistic Refinishing uses high-tech products and equipment that boosts the process and reduces the hassle of disruptions. In addition, we make sure that we clean up and leave your house clean and organized without any mess after our team is finished with the work.


Durable Results

Choose a company that offers durable and long-lasting services. At Artistic refinishing, we understand that you want lasting results when you think about resurfacing and painting the cabinets. We’ve built a standard-high reputation with thousands of happy customers.  Keeping that in mind, we use quality techniques, products, and methods for reglazing your cabinets and bathtubs. Our priority is your ultimate satisfaction for the longevity of your finish, ensuring the prevention and elimination of scratches, scuffs, discoloration, and stains.


Range of Options

While refinishing your kitchen or bathroom, it is essential to visualize the right look of the cabinet or bathtub beforehand. For instance, do you want a glossy finish or a matte finish? Choosing a refinishing company that understands your vision is necessary, and to also properly explain the expected steps.  If you are unsure about what type of finish you want, consult with a company with wide-ranging options. Artistic Refinishing is a perfect option as our highly experienced team has extensive experience and numerous options.



Refinishing your kitchen and bathroom in collaboration with Artistic Refinishing will be a wise decision. Such an affordable option with a wide array of materials and colors for refinishing. We have satisfied our customers for so many years with our advanced techniques and tools and professional staff. Therefore, if you are dreaming of a new kitchen or bathroom look, Artistic Refinishing would be the right choice for you.