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Bathroom Refinishing


Although your bathroom may not be the first room you consider revamping when you think about remodeling your house, the truth is that it can be one of the easiest rooms to freshen up. By reglazing the walls, tile, bathtub, shower, or counter top, you can give your bathroom a bright, clean new look without a major investment in new fittings or fixtures. Instead of spending days and weeks tracking down plumbers and tile installers, contact Artistic Refinishing to revitalize your bathroom in a number of hours.

Artistic Refinishing works with customers in Southeast Florida, offering reglazing services for bathrooms, as well as many other rooms in the home (including kitchens). Due to the hot, humid climate, many home owners struggle to keep their older fixtures neat and clean. Our high quality glazes create non-porous surfaces.

Replacing fixtures in a bathroom involves much more than just the cost of new fixtures. Wall and tile generally needs to be rebuilt, wallboard, tile floors and subfloors all need to be replaced, and pines and hardwood are often damaged during the tub removal. If you truly need new fixtures, then of course proceeding with that plan is best. But if you’re just frustrated by the dingy look of your tub or shower, or are tired of the color of your tile walls, choosing to reglaze with Artistic Refinishing might be just what you need.

Reglazing creates smooth, durable, non-porous surfaces everywhere it is applied. A wide variety of colors can be used, allowing you to update your bathroom to match the most current color palette, or choose a classic color which will look good for years to come. By creating a surface that is difficult to mar, you reduce the amount of time you spend scrubbing your fixtures in the future.

You can also take old, boring fixtures and update their look to something both more modern and newer. Our treatments are complete in hours, and you can get right back to using your bathroom, instead of spending days or weeks with one of the most important rooms in your home out of commission!  

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To find out more about how refinishing and reglazing your bathroom can help your home be more welcoming and more comfortable, contact Artistic Refinishing in Southeast Florida. We’re happy to help with any questions you have. If you’d like to see the kinds of transformations we can accomplish, keep scrolling—and then contact us for a free quote to revitalize your bathroom.

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