How Bathtub Refinishing Saves Money

When you’re looking at ways to save money on home renovations, bathtub refinishing may not be the first thing that comes to mind — but perhaps it should be! Bathtub refinishing offers you enormous opportunities to save money and protect your budget.

Let’s look at some of the most important ways bathtub refinishing can help you:

1) Bathtub Refinishing Means No Demolition or Replacement
Once a bathtub gets old and worn down, it’s easy to imagine that your only option is to pull it out and start over again. Bathtub refinishing can be achieved at a mere fraction of the price and will save you the hassle associated with selecting a new bathtub, choosing contractors who can install it and dealing with the enormous mess involved in cleaning up afterwards!

2) Bathtub Refinishing Makes Your Existing Tub Easier to Clean
When you have to deal with serious rust or hard water stains, you’ll often find you have few reliable options for keeping your tub clean. With bathtub refinishing, you are enjoying all the benefits of a “clean slate.” You can start over and keep your revitalized, fresh-looking tub glowing with just the most basic assortment of cleaning products.

3) Bathtub Refinishing is Easier and Cheaper than Repainting
One of the options people often look at when they want to refresh the look of their bathtub is repainting. However, quality paint that can stand up to the humid conditions of the bathroom tends to be very expensive. Plus, the process of repainting your tub is time-consuming and awfully tedious, not to mention expensive if you hire a pro.

4) Bathtub Refinishing Helps Fend Off Leaks and Other Issues
Refinishing isn’t just for the sheer aesthetic pleasure of having a new-looking bathtub. It can also help to control cracks and weathering that occur with age and can result in inefficient use of your water. Though this damage might appear minor, it can result in the loss of many gallons of water each year if you use your bathtub for conventional baths.

5) Bathtub Refinishing is a “One-Step Renovation”
The bathtub is one of the most important “centerpieces” of your bathroom, so a change in its look can completely alter how you feel about that space. Before deciding to go forward with a huge bathroom renovation project, it’s a good idea to start with some refinishing and see how it alters your perspective on things.

Bathtub refinishing can add years to the life of your bathtub while saving thousands of dollars compared to fully replacing your tub. If your bathroom needs to enjoy a shot of new life, think seriously about choosing bathroom refinishing for your next project.