Why Bathtub Refinishing is The Best Option For You


Don’t replace a worn, outdated bathtub — re-glaze it and score huge savings on your bathroom renovation.

Are you coy about making an elaborate bathroom makeover because it’s just too expensive? Do you have a bathtub that’s an eyesore due to its shagged color or worn-out finish? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in need of a bathtub refinishing.

Bathtub re-glazing is a specialized refinishing process that helps restore the existing bathtub to have it looking brand new and sparkling, saving you the enormous costs and the messiness of tearing out and rebuilding your bathroom. Modern coating equipment makes it easy to refinish all types of tubs. If the original paint of your bathtub is pink, blue, or some other old-fashioned pastel shades, don’t worry; a professionally finished refacing will definitely a more alluring color.

Artistic refinishing will refinish fiberglass, acrylic, and conventional porcelain baths in your home. Depending on your bathtub situation, we may also use a patented bathtub refinishing method on old-fashioned clawfoot tubs. In any case, the bathtub will remain in place and the refinished bathtub will be ready for use in just 24 hours.


A typical bathtub refinishing job begins with specialists inspecting your bathroom and protecting it bathroom with drop cloths while setting up a ventilator to remove dust and exhaust fumes from the outside. They’ll complete the following steps to refinish your bathtub.

  • Masking: using tape and heavy-duty craft paper, workers fully mask all surrounding wall boards, plumbing faucets and other fixtures for it not to be in contact with the scrubbing and finishing materials.
  • Cleaning & sanding: all the old caulk is stripped between the wall and the tub, so a special cleaning agent (along with a sizeable amount of elbow grease) is used to eliminate soap, stains and filmy particles. The following hand sanding procedure should “scuff” the surface of the tub to facilitate strong adhesion of primer and finish coats.
  • Primer coat: The bathroom and bathtub are fully vacuumed to remove dust and dirt. We then use spray equipment to fully cover the bathtub with a primer that is highly sticky. This is designed to chemically fuse the surface of the tub and the finishing coats.
  • Finish coats: Made with super-strong urethane resins, the paint is painted over the tub in a few thin coats. The “new” tub should be used after the finish has been repaired for 24 hours and the finish should last 10-15 years.


The refinishing process produces a smooth, uniform coating with excellent resistance to oils, contaminants, impacts and abrasion.


While there are do-it-yourself re-glazing kits available for less than $50, all this work is best left to a trained contractor. These products are nothing like the equipment the professionals use, and the effects are a less sleek and durable bathtub.

Call on Artistic Refinishing, the industry’s finest professionals for premium quality and reliable bath tub optimization services.