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We transformed our old bathroom to look like new and modern using these amazing bathtub refinishing services! We can’t believe how good our tubs look now!
– Sue N., Parkland, FL 5 stars

Miramar bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing guaranteed to wow your friends and family!

Your Parkland home should be a masterpiece. The reality is that time has taken it’s toll and your home may appear worn down or dated. The room in your home that shows its age the quickest is without doubt your bathroom. This room holds all of that fine porcelain and bleached white grout with perfect square tiles that shine in the light of your vanity shades. Because of the initially flawless appearance of the bathroom, it’s much easier to see the deterioration over time. What’s likely happening is that your bathtub and shower have been stained by water and soap residue. You’ve also probably experienced a crack or two, and had some unfortunate chipping on those once precisely square tiles. The remedy for your bathroom isn’t as challenging as you may imagine it to be. Our Parkland bathtub refinishing experts serve the Parkland area with services for bathtub reglazing that transforms the way your bathroom looks. You’re able to transform your old dreary looking bathroom into new with our Parkland bathtub reglazing services. Browse our website to see bathtub refinishing pictures and examples and other types of bathroom painting colors and finishes.

What would you give to have a new looking modern bathroom?

The art of bathtub refinishing is a process that requires a skilled professional. Artistic Refinishing bathtub painting experts are able to identify the best fit for your bathrooms needs. You can say goodbye to those chips, scratches, stains, and dents. Your bathroom will look brand new without you having to lift a finger. We use your existing bathroom basics to create an entirely new look in only a few days. Because there is so much variation to choose from with our color and texture options, the potential is unlimited. Our painting resurfacing experts work with you to make your bathroom dreams come true.

Make your Parkland bathroom look like new with bathtub painting and bathtub resurfacing

bathtub resurfacing parkland Each room in your home holds a certain worth when it comes to property value. Your bathroom is highly ranked on that list. When it comes to the value of your bathroom, it can be dramatically improved through the process of bathtub resurfacing. Our Parkland bathtub painting customers have expressed that their homes have been easier to sell as they’ve received constant praise for their immaculate bathroom. We have been the Parkland bathtub resurfacing leader for over 30 years. Find out why Parkland bathtub painting customers are raving about Artistic Refinishing.

Wishing for a new looking bathroom can be a reality for you

Artistic Refinishing is a bathtub painting company that prides themselves not only on the quality of the work that they provide but also the integrity of it. Our bathtub resurfacing experts ensure that you have no problems in the future with damaged tubs. Our bathtub reglazing helps prevent the damage that your tub has once incurred as well as those pesky stains. If you’re just looking to freshen up your bathroom, we can easily refinish the tub in the same color so that it maintains its original look with just a cleaner finish. We can also completely change the look by placing a finish that contrasts against your floor or walls. The bathtub resurfacing options are limitless.
bathtub refinishing parkland
Parkland’s finest bathtub resurfacing services are available to you today. Contact our Parkland bathtub painting experts directly to work with a Parkland bathtub refinishing consultant on scheduling time to create your dream bathroom. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it with taking on a long remodel and removing a personal functioning bathtub. Allow us to do a makeover and change the look without breaking the bank. Artistic Finishing is your go-to Parkland bathtub reglazing specialists.

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