Kitchen Cabinet Reglazing & Painting in Pompano Beach, Florida to Dania Beach

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My kitchen cabinets look so much better now. I feel especially good about how much money I saved by refinishing! – Jackie B., Pompano Beach 5 stars

Pompano Beach and Dania Beach are both beautiful areas and offer very diverse cultures that many locals and new residents alike appreciate. If you are looking for ways to improve the look of your home you may want to start in the kitchen by simply refinishing it. Cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting in Pompano Beach all the way to Dania Beach are affordable ways to make your home look like brand-new without breaking the bank!

In order to properly help refinish your kitchen by using cabinet reglazing, we will need to gather specific info such as styles that you have in mind, the size of the kitchen, your budget and a few more details. Our cabinet painting crew is standing by to take your phone call and explain to you all about the cabinet resurfacing process.

Cabinet Resurfacing and Cabinet Reglazing Services

Our professionals can help guide you through the cabinet resurfacing process, including a full walkthrough and mock up design to give you a 100% accurate quote detailing what would be included. This would give you the ability to look over all the information given, our reviews and the history that we have with the city. If given the chance we guarantee that you would be happy with the end cabinet resurfacing result.
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We can help you to choose a color and style that would fit well with your own wants, current design of the kitchen and what look you are going for. Being trendy and modern shouldn’t cost you your entire savings which is why we help to keep costs down but the quality of the work high.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Painting in Pompano Beach to Dania Beach, Florida

We have over 30 years’ cabinet reglazing experience and have helped numerous Pompano Beach and Dania Beach homeowners and property owners refinish their countertops and cabinets over the years. The first step would be to identify the style that you have in mind which can include a specific color or style. Some of our more popular choices are the granite and stone giving the expensive look but without the high price tag. Regardless where in South Florida you reside, from Pompano Beach all the way to Dania Beach, we got you covered!

The best thing about having us perform kitchen cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting in your Pompano Beach & Dania Beach kitchen is that we can use the existing options and just change them. This will save you money and time since no major structures or changes will be required. The final thing provided would be glazing the countertops and cabinets to help give that smooth look but also be durable as time goes on. This will enable you to put off replacing or remodeling again anytime soon and will be durable during normal wear and tear.

To get the cabinet refinishing process started, contact us today and allow one of our cabinet reglazing professionals to get you the quote you need and answer any questions that you may have.  With a 100% accurate, no obligation quote what do you have to lose? Call us now!

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