Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Resurfacing & Painting in Pembroke Pines

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Artistic Refinishing did a great job with resurfacing and refinishing my elderly parents apartment. I definitely will be using them again for our own house, thanks Artistic! – Louis E., Pembroke Pines 5 stars

Pembroke Pines, your kitchen is screaming for an upgrade but your wallet is crying for relief. What do you do? Call Artistic Refinishing for your solution.

The cost of upgrading your kitchen can climb up to $35,000 out of pocket. Among hiring someone to install new cabinets, and choosing the materials, you and your family can often get displaced for the duration of the project which may take weeks, even months. Instead, choose Artistic Refinishing cabinet resurfacing to upgrade the cabinets you already have, making them feel like new. Cabinet refinishing or cabinet painting is a straightforward, cost effective way to get the results you’re looking for without the stress.

Pembroke Pines Cabinet Refinishing and Cabinet Resurfacing

There is more to your cabinets than what you see. Let Artistic Refinishing cabinet resurfacing professionals reveal the beautiful surface that your kitchen cabinets already have. You can choose a clear coat or color to create a clean, glossy, looks-like-new cabinet finish you’ve been waiting for. With 30 years of Pembroke Pines cabinet refinishing experience, Artistic Refinishing will pinpoint exactly what your kitchen needs by providing five-star cabinet finishing. We refinish several surfaces like wood cabinetry, formica, or thermafoil and offer beautiful colors you’ll love. Remodeling can take time and money that could otherwise go towards a vacation, new furniture, or anything else your household needs. When you have a quick, affordable solution to your drab, dull, outdated kitchen, why wouldn’t your Pembroke Pines home call Artistic Refinishing cabinet resurfacing?
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Exceptional Cabinet Painting in Pembroke Pines

While refinishing is an excellent option, you can also add a little more color to your kitchen that will make it feel like an entirely new home. Pembroke Pines is a beautiful, exciting, and entertaining place to be. After a long day enjoying the Florida sun, playing at the beach, or just coming home from work, you want your kitchen to tell your story and personality. Giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint can elevate your home to a new level. In a competitive market like ours, you want to get a leg up on selling your home without spending a fortune. Instead of completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, cabinet painting Pembroke Pines cabinet resurfacing will give you the look you’re aiming for at the efficiency and affordability you’ll love.

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Taking on a new project for your home can feel daunting and overwhelming. By focusing on one part of your home at a time, you can cut your stress in half and enjoy the process in a new way. Artistic Refinishing will help you focus on your cabinets in a way that will change the value of your house and make you feel at home every time you walk into the kitchen. Enjoy living in Pembroke Pines in a new way. Take the fear of an embarrassing, outdated, drab or dull kitchen and entertain any guest with confidence. Artistic Refinishing has your back by providing cabinet refinishing and cabinet painting that will transform your home.

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