Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting in Lighthouse Point

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Everyone in my family loves the updated cabinets. Thanks for the great work! – Andrew M., Lighthouse Point 5 stars

Upgrading your Lighthouse Point kitchen can be done in a matter of hours and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Artistic Refinishing can refinish or paint your kitchen cabinets quickly, efficiently, and in a cost effective way so you don’t have to worry. Remodeling or replacing your cabinets can take a lot of time and up to $30,000 to do. That’s a trip to Paris for you and your family, in a nice hotel, and five star dinners every night for over a month. That’s right. You can see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and your favorite crepe spot for under the cost of updating your kitchen. So snap off HDTV and call Artistic Refinishing cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing Lighthouse Point professionals today to get started on your dream kitchen and hop on a flight to France in the same week.

Lighthouse Point Cabinet Refinishing

Lighthouse Point living is about being laid back, enjoying Pompano Beach, riding in golf carts with your family, and chowing down on fresh caught sushi. This does not include stressing over cabinet materials, budgets, or spending time displacing your family for weeks or months at a time. By choosing to refinish your cabinets, you get clean, glossy cabinets that look and feel like new. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when working with us.

We’ve been serving the Lighthouse Point community with the highest quality cabinet refinishing for over thirty years. We love where we live and can’t imagine stressed out even for a moment. We work with many different cabinet materials and have refinishing colors that will fit the theme of your home perfectly. Lighthouse Point Cabinet Refinishing will help transform your kitchen and you’ll step into your home after we’re done feeling like you’ve walked into an entirely new kitchen.

Refinishing is not only quick and cost effective, but will protect your cabinets from harmful heat, salty air, and damaging mold. Your cabinets will have years added to their life so you’ll never feel like they need to be replaced because of damage.
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Lighthouse Point Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting in Lighthouse Point is a simple way to bring life back into your kitchen. In this way, you can express your style and personality in a new way that will brighten up your kitchen and bring a smile to the face of your guests. Don’t be shy to invite someone over because of your outdated, drab cabinets. Find yourself excited to bring the whole soccer team over after a win or your friends over to try your new recipe and show off your new cabinet color. Our professionals are licensed and certified to execute excellent service quickly. Get your kitchen done and back to the beach in just a few hours. Lighthouse Point life is meant to be lived, not stressed over. Artistic Refinishing will inspire you to improve your home in a whole new way.

Your next cabinet painting refinishing project is just a phone call away!

Whether you’re just looking for something or to increase the value of your home to get ready to sell, Artistic Refinishing is here to help. By focusing on this small part of your home, you will feel inspired for the next step in your home life. Trust our experienced cabinet refinishing professionals to bring you the home of your dreams.

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