Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting in Lantana

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I was very pleased with the outcome of hiring Artistic Refinishing! They offer affordable, quality work with amazing customer service. I highly recommend them! – Zhung K., Lantana 5 stars

Have the home of your dreams, without spending an arm and a leg.

Remodeling your kitchen can cost up to $30,000. That is money you could spend on a trip all over Europe and back, dining out every single night. Lantana, your dream home is within reach if you start with your kitchen cabinets. Artistic Refinishing provides refinishing and painting in a quick, cost effective way that will leave you looking around your home happy you made the right decision.

If you want the kitchen of your dreams without writing off your next vacation, call Artistic Refinishing today.

Lantana Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Lantana is a beautiful place to live in Palm Beach county. Right on the water, you can visit the beach any time and enjoy the Florida sunshine every day. Why, then are you spending thousands of dollars on your kitchen? Artistic Refinishing will refinish your kitchen cabinets within hours so you can get back to the beach. Cabinet refinishing in Lantana has been helping residents like yourself upgrade kitchen designs for over thirty years.

Cabinet refinishing takes a matter of hours with our licensed and certified professionals. With over thirty years of experience serving your community, you can rest assured knowing that Artistic Refinishing has your back. Remodeling can take time and renders your kitchen unusable until the project is done in weeks, even months. Instead of wasting precious time away from your home call us to get your home back up and running in no time.

We work with many different materials that are typical for kitchen cabinets. Choose a clear coat or a new color and watch your kitchen come to life. Make a change to your kitchen you’ll be proud of and your guests will love. Refinishing guards your cabinets from dangerous heat, mold, or damages typical in a South Florida home. Not only are you getting a new remodel for a fraction of the price but your kitchen can stand to live another Lantana summer.
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Lantana Cabinet Painting

Most of us have sat in a room, looked around, and realized what a nicer coat of paint would do for it. The same can be done for your kitchen cabinets. Choose a color that matches your style and personality and we will do the rest. Artistic Refinishing cabinet painting professionals will come in and complete your painting need in just a few hours. Lantana cabinet painting can transform your kitchen within hours.

Get started on your next cabinet painting and refinishing project today!

Change the way you feel about your kitchen quickly. Instead of avoiding your kitchen because you don’t care for it anymore, change the color of your kitchen cabinets with cabinet refinishing and be amazed by how happy you are for the change. Your Lantana home was meant to be celebrated. Let Artistic Refinishing upgrade your home while saving you time and money with exceptional cabinet painting. Use your time to plan for your next trip to Europe and the money you saved to enjoy your time! We are here to help you build a home you’re proud of.

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