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We were about to replace our kitchen cabinets when we learned that you can actually refinish them. We live in Lauderhill and it’s important for our kitchen to look good. Well, now after doing the cabinet painting we’re the envy of our friends and neighbors, thank you Artistic Refinishing for your amazing cabinet resurfacing! – Kate and Henry P., Lauderhill 5 stars

Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, North Lauderdale: Imagine your next dinner party with newly renovated kitchen, thanks to Artistic Finishing’s cabinet painting and refinishing.

Remodeling an entire kitchen can be a long and expensive process- sometimes costing upwards of $35,000! You spend valuable time choosing your contractor, choosing your materials, and dealing with the dust and displacement from renovation while projects carry on for weeks at a time. Artistic Refinishing, all across Broward County, offers a much better cabinet resurfacing solution! Our cabinet resurfacing team will upgrade the cabinets that you ALREADY have, re-vamping your current style into something much more modern and fresh. Minimize the cost, the time, and the stress of kitchen remodeling by choosing to have Artistic Refinishing cabinet resurfacing revitalize your current cabinetry with professional cabinet painting. Our cabinet refinishing professionals service the entire area of Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, and North Lauderdale. Come and let the cabinet reglazing experts at Artistic Refinishing assist you with your kitchen cabinet resurfacing!

We Can’t Help With The Dishes, But We Can Make Your Kitchen Sparkle! Cabinet Reglazing And Painting

Your kitchen cabinets take up the majority of the space within your kitchen. Mismatched or dated kitchen cabinets can unfortunately disrupt the feel of the room, even if the rest of the kitchen is fairly modern. However, new kitchen cabinets are not always the solution! The Artistic Refinishing cabinet painting team has over 30 years of experience refinishing kitchen cabinets. You may choose a glossy clear coat, or you may opt for a completely new color, but the outcome will be the same: A seamless, clean, brand-new kitchen cabinet reglazing that modernizes and transforms your kitchen. The cabinet refinishing professionals at Artistic Refinishing will work with you to decide exactly what your kitchen needs based upon your style preferences. We work with many surfaces, such as wood cabinetry, Formica, and Thermfoil, and we offer many fresh colors that will rejuvenate older kitchen cabinets. The typical remodeling process can be lengthily and expensive, but Artistic Refinishing cabinet reglazing offers Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, and North Lauderdale an alternative solution that is very cost-effective, and it saves you a lot of time and energy! We will provide you with a personalized and affordable cabinet painting solution that brings a new life to your old kitchen!
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Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, North Lauderdale: Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Painting

We’ve all seen a home on our block that was once drab but with a fresh coat of paint, the homeowners changed the look of their home before your eyes. The same can be done for your kitchen cabinets. Choose from a variety of cabinet resurfacing colors that fits your style and flow. Our cabinet painting professionals know the Lauderhill area and how important it is to maintain a fantastic home aesthetics. With thirty years of cabinet refinishing experience, we are confident to exceed your expectations Ask us for a free cabinet reglazing consultation in Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, and North Lauderdale.

Professional and Precise Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in: Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, North Lauderdale

A little bit of fresh paint can go a long way! Do your older kitchen cabinets clash with your newly installed granite countertops? Do the new stainless steel appliances that you invested in look tacky against dull cabinetry? The color and texture of dated kitchen cabinets can throw off the entire modern look that you have spent so much money trying to achieve. Instead of adding to that grand total, let the cabinet refinishing experts at Artistic Finishing revitalize your current cabinetry by repainting and refinishing what you already have. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fresh look of a renovated kitchen, but additionally, with cabinet painting you will be increasing the value of your home without spending a fortune to do so in Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, and North Lauderdale. Fresh cabinet painting by the cabinet reglazing experts at Artistic Finishing will have you excited to host dinners in your beautiful kitchen!

We Offer a Free Cabinet Reglazing Consultation! We service all of the following locations: Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, North Lauderdale

Starting a new home-renovation project can be an overwhelming commitment, but the Artistic Refinishing cabinet reglazing team is very experienced in making your kitchen renovation an organized and exciting cabinet refinishing process for you! Our goal is to create a beautifully renovated kitchen based off of your vision, using your existing kitchen cabinets to create a completely refinished look. We work hard to do it as efficiently and as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying your new space! We want you to walk into your kitchen and feel inspiration, relaxation, and peace. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house. We want you to enjoy your time in this space. Let the cabinet painting professionals at Artistic Refinishing provide you with a free cabinet refinishing consultation about how we can make your kitchen cabinets more appealing, completely transforming the look of your entire kitchen, which also extends as a way to modernize your home overall in Boulevard Gardens, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, and North Lauderdale.

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