Cabinet Painting & Reglazing Palm Beach Gardens

We couldn’t believe our eyes.  Seriously!  Our cabinets were so old and so yucky.  
Our cabinets look brand new now and our kitchen is our favorite part of the house!
– Dersan Family, Palm Beach Gardens 5 stars


Cabinet Refinishing Palm Beach

Upgrade your Palm Beach Gardens home with Cabinet Reglazing

If the kitchen is a culinary auditorium, then the cabinets are the stagehands. They shoulder a lot of responsibility; they need to be sturdy and large enough to hold dishes, pots, utensils, pots, pans, and other supplies. They also need to be able to withstand sauce splatters, messes from dirty hands, dings, water spillage, and scratches from heavy kitchen traffic. In other words, they need to be beautiful at all times.

But when it’s time to update your kitchen, most homeowners erroneously make the wrong judgment as to whether they need a cabinet refinishing or a replacement. A 2017 study found that most homeowners spend around $25,000 to $50,000 on kitchen overhauls – which can be daunting and doubly so when you weigh in how quickly kitchen hardware design gets out of style.

Thankfully, most interior designers and remodeling services will tell you that when it’s time to update your kitchen cabinets -whether for aesthetic or functional purposes – a cabinet reglazing Palm Beach Gardens is the wise choice as it will give them a voguish color and stain for a fresh new look without your doling out a fortune.

The process of cabinet reglazing Palm Beach Gardens is very tedious and time-consuming, which leads to frustration very often, especially if the project is awarded to the wrong people. That is why Palm Beach Gardens homeowners turn to Artistic Refinishing to revamp their cabinetry.

Our cabinet refinishing Palm Beach Gardens works create aesthetically gratifying, pleasing, natural spaces that are a pleasure to live and work in.

Revitalize your cabinetry with the rich, naturally soothing look of finely finished wood.



Cabinet Resurfacing Palm Beach

What you get to enjoy with Artistic Refinishing’s Cabinet Refinishing Palm Beach Gardens


Rapid Turnaround Time

Cabinet and fine wood painting, recoloring, or revamping are probably the quickest and most affordable approaches to totally transform your kitchen space. All these come without the pocket-draining price tag and long down-time of a conventional full-scale replacement project. In a matter of days, rather than weeks or months, we can assist you with creating your dream kitchen, transforming it anew. Get fresh-looking, sparkling kitchen cupboards or potentially fine-wood trim and goods at just a fraction of the time it takes to totally replace!


Longstanding Results

In addition to getting an incredibly rapid cabinet refinishing Palm Beach Gardens, the outcomes, and excellent resurfacing materials we use can endure forever. We are versed in a wide variety of striping finishing styles, including those involving shellac, lacquer, polyurethane, penetrating oil, paint, vinyl, or Formica.


Wide Variety of Colors, Stains, and Finishes to Select From

You can totally refresh both the style and shade of your cupboards (or your fine wood trim and furniture). With a large number of accessible tones, stains, and furnishings to browse the possibilities are infinite. Fulfill your tastes with our custom cabinet painting Palm Beach Gardens and renovating solutions.


Cabinet Refinishing Palm Beach Gardens


Why Palm Beach Gardens customers prefer Artistic Refinishing cabinet painting?

  • Fast, free cabinet reglazing estimates
  • Over 30 years of cabinet resurfacing experience
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Competitive cabinet painting pricing
  • Free color and design consultations
  • Professional craftsmanship and premium quality results
  • Handle any cabinet resurfacing Palm Beach Gardens project with precision and efficiency


Hire the best Cabinet Resurfacing Palm Beach Gardens service

Contact our team at Artistic Refinishing to talk about your cabinet resurfacing Palm Beach Gardens project. We are available 24/7. First, we talk about your specific needs, budget, and end-results for the Cabinet Resurfacing Palm Beach Gardens. Next, we determine the right procedure for your needs and present an accurate estimate of the cost of the project including labor, materials, and additional fees.