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We had a bathtub that was simply gross and we stopped using it. We were skeptic about the bathtub refinishing but boy were we proved wrong! It looks incredibly spectacular, modern and new! Thanks a million! Your bathtub resurfacing blew my mind.
– Lucille U., Wilton Manors, FL 5 stars

Light a candle, take a bath. Let the Artistic Refinishing bathtub refinishing team in Lazy Lake, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors turn your bathtub into new!

Florida is known for its hot and humid conditions, but it’s nothing compared to your bathroom after someone takes a long, hot shower. It’s the perfect opportunity for grout to become discolored by mold and mildew, and that’s something that you don’t want festering in such a personal space. Maybe you just want an update that makes your bathroom feel a little more lavish in the trendy areas of Lazy Lake, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors. Either way, Artistic Refinishing bathtub refinishing experts are here to help you re-glaze and refinish your bathtub at any of our following locations: Lazy Lake, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors. If you’re not familiar with the bathtub refinishing process, give us a call today and we’ll show you how easy and gratifying it can be. We have bathtub refinishing Wilton Manors and bathtub refinishing Oakland Park and bathtub refinishing Lazy Lake experts on stand by to answer all of your questions.

Your tub doesn’t have to look old, it can be made into new with a snap of a finger!

We also offer the same option to update to your bathroom counters! You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on new sinks and faucets to modernize your bathroom space. There are more simple and cost-effective approaches that will not only elevate your enjoyment of your bathroom space, but it will also save you a lot of time and energy since the refinishing process is much faster than a traditional remodel. Call our bathtub refinishing professionals today for a free estimate or check out our pictures on the website to see how bathtub reglazing can turn a bathtub from old to new. With our bathtub painting process we’re able to match colors and apply to your bathtub regardless of how old it is or its condition.

Make your home in Lazy Lake, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors look more modern with bathtub painting and bathtub resurfacing

bathtub resurfacing lazy lakeAre you asking yourself what is bathtub resurfacing? What we do: We take what you already have, and we refinish it to make it look brand new. This includes yellowed tubs, dirty grout, and outdated countertops, and we work with you to decide what will make your bathroom look brand new. Updating certain important aspects of your bathroom can make your bathroom look much more modern, which translates to clean in the eyes of company. Especially in places in Florida, like Lazy Lake, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors, it’s important to keep your bathroom mold and mildew free by renovating and refinishing dated surfaces. Bathtub painting and bathtub resurfacing is the process of transforming an old looking bathtub into new. Our bathtub painting Wilton Manors and bathtub painting Oakland Park and bathtub painting Lazy Lake experts are on call waiting to show you how. Have you seen those yucky bathtubs that make you think to yourself “YUCK”? You may even own a bathtub like that yourself. Well did you know that through the use of bathtub resurfacing Wilton Manors and bathtub resurfacing Oakland Park and bathtub resurfacing Lazy Lake services, those bathtubs can be turned from old to new with little time, little mess and little money? Homeowners typically get scared of upgrading their bathroom look because they assume that a home renovation is the only solution. Well, we’re here to let you know that you have other options. Viable options!

No need to burn through your vacation fund! Let us find you a cost-efficient way to renovate your bathroom in: Lazy Lake, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors bathtub reglazing

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the house. A clean and refinished bathroom can definitely make you feel more relaxed, as if you’re in your own personal spa. To do a complete bathroom renovation can be very expensive, not to mention all of the headache and complications that often come with big renovation and plumbing projects. This often results in floors needing to be replaced, and many other types of unforeseen expenses. With Artistic Refinishing bathtub reglazing, we can be completely transparent with cost and needs because we are refinishing what you already have, and we are able to complete these bathtub reglazing jobs quickly. This saves you a lot of stress in your morning routine, your evening routine, and any personal time you’d rather spend without dust and mess in an area you need clear. We have been the industry leader in bathtub resurfacing for over 30 years and there’s a reason why so many customers are raving about us. We stand apart from everyone else with our unique bathtub reglazing method. We have entire bathtub reglazing Oakland Park and bathtub reglazing Wilton Manors and bathtub reglazing Lazy Lake teams that handle this unique and specialized task for you.
Compare that scenario with us coming to simply re-glaze your bathtub or countertops in your home at Lazy Lake, Oakland Park, or Wilton Manors with our bathtub refinishing services, still achieving a look of complete newness without all of the waiting and expense. You will have a completely new bathroom to yourself quickly and effortlessly! We can complete most bathtub reglazing projects within just a day, and for a fraction of the price of a renovation.
bathtub refinishing wilton manors
If you are considering bathtub refinishing and are curious about bathtub painting, call us today to speak to our bathtub resurfacing experts in Lazy Lake, Oakland Park, and Wilton Manors. You will end your day with a brand new bathroom that feels modern and clean, while also serving as an investment in your home. Come and see the team at Artistic Refinishing for a free consultation!

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