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We had a bathtub that was simply gross and we stopped using it. We were referred by friends who had a good experience and we too are very happy with the beautiful job they did with the bathtub resurfacing for our bathroom.
– Mark P., Washington Park, FL 5 stars

Let the Artistic Refinishing bathtub refinishing experts in Franklin Park, Roosevelt Gardens, Washington Park turn your bathtub into new!

Franklin Park is a beautiful place to live and so is the area around. We have been providing bathtub refinishing to the entire Broward County area for over 30 years. We know how hard it is for homeowners to maintain their home to always look good with the challenges of humidity, heat and other factors. Because of this it can be challenging to keep up with appearances. While your neighbors may have impressed you with custom features in their home, you may be thinking about what bathtub refinishing options you have in order to make your home more appealing and modern. One of the most commonly visited places in your home is your bathroom. The bathroom is the room you and your guests visit fairly frequently. This is a personal space but also one that you might share with others. Finding out how to make this space both aesthetically beautiful as well as useful can be difficult. The frequency in which the room is visited creates a need for more maintenance and upkeep. You may be searching for bathtub refinishing options to improve the appearance of your bathroom without breaking the bank. It’s likely that eventually your research did bring you to expensive remodeling options. The best news you need to know is that Artistic Refinishing offers a better alternative with bathtub reglazing.

Your tub doesn’t have to look old anymore!

Without removing your existing bathtub, we take your existing tub and completely refinish the exterior. By doing this, your bathroom gets a complete makeover. With plenty of colors and consistencies to pick from using our bathtub reglazing, you have the ability to create a custom look without having to pull out a sledgehammer or saw. Our bathtub painting staff is equipped to make this process very easy for you and your household. With very little interruption, you’ll see that this beautiful spruce up can be done to almost any surface in your home as well.

Make your home in Franklin Park, Roosevelt Gardens, Washington Park look more modern with bathtub painting and bathtub resurfacing

bathtub resurfacing roosevelt gardensFor your bathtub, Artistic Finishing bathtub painting expert team specializes is transforming your basic, outdated tub into one that looks like it has been bought at an upscale boutique. The bathtub will still have its same shape and frame so nothing needs to be moved around. With our bathtub painting service, there will be no mess to clean up after it’s done. You can keep your vanity stocked with all your necessary hygiene and personal care products without worrying about creating a fuss. Bathtub resurfacing is a seamless process from start to finish. Say goodbye to old dents and dings that your bathtub reflects clearly. Bathtub resurfacing eliminates these blemishes completely. You’ll forget what trouble it was trying to scrub out those permanent stains. You want to walk into your bathroom feeling proud and excited, this can be a reality and not a dream with our unique bathtub resurfacing.

Renovate your bathroom in Franklin Park, Roosevelt Gardens, Washington Park with bathtub reglazing and no heavy costs!

Finding bathtub reglazing professionals that you trust in your home can be difficult. Our skilled bathtub painting experts can walk you through the process with confidence and ease. Artistic Refinishing bathtub reglazing expert team takes great pride in the work that we do and we love leaving the homes we have the opportunity to work on with nothing less than greatness. Do you want the ability to feel proud and excited about your bathroom? Our bathtub refinishing pros are here to make that a reality. Contact your Franklin Park refinishing bathtub painting specialists at Artistic Refinishing in order to make your bathroom dazzle. Our bathtub reglazing specialists have something for you today, take advantage of the resources we provide to transform this important room in your home.

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If you are considering bathtub refinishing and are curious about bathtub painting, call our bathtub resurfacing team today to speak to our bathtub painting experts in Franklin Park, Roosevelt Gardens, Washington Park. You will end your day with a brand new bathroom that feels modern and clean, while also serving as an investment in your home. Call and talk to our bathtub reglazing team at Artistic Refinishing for a free bathtub refinishing consultation!

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