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I’m simply stunned by the results! We can’t believe how good our tubs look now!
– Rachel V., Cooper City, FL 5 stars

Let your bathroom feel more like a spa, and less like a space you need to scrub every weekend. Cooper City bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing free consultation!

Whether you just moved into your Cooper City home or you’ve been a resident here for some time, you know that the bathroom in your home requires some of the most attention. When your bathtub is in need of repair, it creates an embarrassing eye sore that attracts the wrong type of attention. This time of year, your neighbors are pulling out all the stops to host relatives and friends with impressive interiors. With the attention to detail that is required with homeownership, you know that the bathtub is no small detail at all. Bathtub refinishing involves the process of taking an old bathtub and making it look like new! We have been the Cooper City bathtub refinishing industry leader with innovative bathtub reglazing for over 30 years. We are confident that when you give us the chance to renovate your bathtub using our unique bathtub reglazing process, we will exceed your expectations.

Don’t you dream of a new and modern bathtub?

The bathtub is not only a visual fixture in your home but also used regularly. This means that unlike your kitchen counters and flooring, your bathtub has to experience all the wear and tear of stains, scratches and dents but maintain a pristine visual appearance year over year. There’s little forgiveness for damage to your bathtub and remedies to damage can be alarmingly expensive. To improve the look of your bathroom without a complete remodel, Artistic Finishing bathtub painting team specializes in refinishing bathrooms to give a custom look at a reasonable price point.

Make your home look much more modern with bathtub painting Cooper City and bathtub resurfacing

bathtub resurfacing cooper city Refinishing is not reconstructing. Artistic Refinishing tub resurfacing Cooper City pros specialize in making your bathtub look brand new. You may have age old stains that are making your porcelain tub look like less than flawless. If this is the case, bathtub resurfacing is a great option for you. With bathtub painting Cooper City residents can reap the benefits of a remodel but without the hard work and price tag. Artistic Refinishing bathtub resurfacing Cooper City experts take your needs and your dreams into consideration. Our bathtub resurfacing method includes to consult with our client to come to an end results that everyone is happy with. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic look or a modern finish, there’s unique options for any style. With custom bathtub painting Cooper City work, your bathtub remains in tact and functional while also making a statement in your home.

A beautiful new bathroom for a fraction of the cost

Cooper City residents that have had our work in their home have been astounded with the service and product they’ve received. Because the bathtub reglazing process is easy and affordable, our Cooper City bathtub reglazing customers have been impressed by the frequency in which they can still use the bathroom regardless of the job being performed. We take pride in our Cooper City bathtub refinishing work and know that your home is your sanctuary. Our Cooper City bathtub painting associates work diligently to ensure that your project is exceptionally executed and meets all your expectations.
bathtub refinishing cooper city
Your home deserves the best and so does your bathroom. By contacting Artistic Refinishing tub resurfacing Cooper City experts for a private consultation, you’ll find yourself with the ability to control the look of your home without replacing, removing or retiring any of your existing fixtures. What’s best is that for Cooper City residents our tub refinishing experts are available immediately and are happy to get to work around your schedule. Contact us today for the tub painting results that will have your neighbors jealous. Browse our website for more Cooper City bathtub refinishing examples and to see Before and After Cooper City bathtub resurfacing projects. Call us today to speak to our professional bathtub painting masters who are waiting to transform your bathroom into new!

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