Bathtub Painting & Relgazing in Greenacres FL

I hired Artistic Refinishing for resurfacing my tubs.
They did an excellent job and were very courteous.
– Harry P., Greenacres FL5 stars

Bathtub Reglazing Greenacres

We are Greenacres’ premier bathtub resurfacing contractor. Our convenient bathtub reglazing, incredible craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service make us the top choice for all your bathtub refinishing Greenacres needs. At Artistic Refinishing, customers get to enjoy affordable refurnishing by time-tested specialists.


Bathtub Reglazing Greenacres

If you’re dealing with a bathtub that is old, worn-out or looks irredeemably defaced, a bathtub reglazing Greenacres magic touch from us will turn its outlook around. Trust our professional bathtub resurfacing pros to give your bathtub a clean bill of health.


Let Us Turn Your Bathtub Refinishing Dream Into a Reality

You begin and end each day in your bathroom. It transcends its role as your day’s first activity station by becoming a sanctum where you allow yourself to unwind and relax.

Rely on our team of professional designers and craftsmen for bathtub reglazing Greenacres, who are on hand to enliven your ideas and make them a reality. From minor bathtub painting adjustments to major bathroom overhaul and customization, we are well-versed in making transient changes from the quaint to the contemporary. It’s time to convert your current bathroom into one that resonates with your functionality needs.


bathtub refinishing Greenacres


Still not sure of the benefits of bathtub replacement & bathtub refinishing Greenacres?

Let’s break it to you: a bathtub refinishing Greenacres job saves you at least in 20% of a bathtub replacement cost. And with a tight and tanking economy, it won’t be long before you start to appreciate tub restoration techniques to get your dulled, dingy, and outdated bathtub looking fresh.

Sounds great, right?

Now, it’s time to turn your thoughts to Artistic Refinishing. For over 30 years, we have stood firm as Greenacres’ #1 premier bathtub resurfacing contractor. We are fully licensed, insured and and been in business for 34 years.


Bathtub Refinishing Greenacres

Our prestige as #1 bathtub refinishing Greenacres goes before us. You will be amazed by our attention-to-detail and, most importantly, our industriousness in delivering projects on time and on budget. We deploy sound eco-friendly bathtub resurfacing techniques with strong considerations of energy and water resources across the entire home. We aim to achieve significant savings in your energy and water resources in order to help you save utility costs.

  • Bathtub painting – by painting your defaced tub with a fresh, new finish, your tub will impress with astonishing allure.
  • Bathtub liner update – we duly update your bathtub without any fuss and ruination attributed to demolition and renovation.
  • Bathtub surrounds – for when your bath requires a facelift, a bathtub surround is the answer
  • Bathtub shower combination – for those who crave unbridled convenience.
  • Shower to tub conversion – if you prefer taking baths over showers, make your old shower over into a beautiful and functional bathtub.
  • Walk-in tub – for those who find bathing a chore due to age or disability, a walk-in bathtub will make bathing enjoyable and safe.
  • Repairing and refinishing cracks, gouges, and burn marks on bathtubs
  • Appliance refinishing
  • and lots more!

Want to start planning your bathtub resurfacing Greenacres project today? Get in touch with Artistic Refinishing’s Greenacres bathtub painting experts today! Give us a call or speak with one of our responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable reps to get your free, no-obligation estimate.