Artistic Refinishing VS Conventional Cabinet Painting

cabinet painting

You know your cabinets could use a boost when the paints are already peeling off and they are all chipped and worn out, not to mention old. But you don’t have a large budget for renovation, mostly one that could cost thousands of dollars. So is cabinet painting the solution to you?

You might be thinking about hiring a traditional painter to handle the project. But you might want to think again. Many of these professionals do a quick prep job, use a layer or two of a latex-based paint, and call it a day.

This is not built for heavy use that comes with most kitchen and bathroom areas. It could look nice for a few months or a year, but the new color and finish will not last long. They will be more prone to peeling, dents, rust stains and other types of damages. At the same time, they will not be able to keep up with the powerful cleaning products that many homeowners use on their cabinets.

  • The paint: Latex-based coatings, which are made for walls, are often used in cabinet painting. Nevertheless, latex-based paints are not devised conditions that endure heavy wear and tear and high traffic, such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • The downtime: Projects normally take several weeks from start to finish; in addition, drying time alone will last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. This makes sure you and your families have more downtime and disruption.
  • The safety: The products used with traditional cabinet painting have much higher volatile organic compounds ( VOCs). These are chemicals released that can pollute the environment, the earth’s ozone layer in particular, and also your family’s health.
  • The end result: The standard approach to painting cabinets usually means a less than perfect finish, with stripes and drips that can take away the eminence and beauty of the final product.

The above are just a few reasons why conventional painting can be a bad choice for you. It’s also why so many homeowners jump tradition and hire experts at Artistic Refinishing for their cabinet remodeling.

Artistic Refinishing Exclusive Advantages

Our approach offers many advantages thanks to:

State Of The Art Cabinet Painting Products 

Whether they’re in your kitchen or your bathroom regardless, cabinets get quite a lot of use. What’s more, they’re constantly exposed to dirt, dust, rust, grease, and much more. They must be coated with the best formula in order to stand up to constant use.

If you try hiring a traditional cabinet painting company, they will often use latex-based paint, as stated above. Although perfect for walls, this style of paint does not have the toughness to hold up to scrubbing, smudging, scratching, and other heavy use cabinets are exposed to.

This is why, at Artistic Refinishing, we use an acrylic polyurethane blend mixed with your chosen color; one originally designed for its durability. In fact, the paint we use is resistant to chips, smudges, peeling, and more, providing you with elegance today and well through the future.

Moreover, the way we apply our paint results in a factory-like finish. We don’t use brushes like typical painters normally do, which can leave behind messy drips and lines. Conversely, with our technique, your cabinet finish will indeed be perfectly smooth and flawless, while it’s durable.

Limitless, Colorful options

At Artistic Refinishing, our clients always get limitless vibrant colors to choose from. Either you want a small adjustment to freshen up your cabinet finish or a major unique color change; we offer a wide variety of choices to consider. We also use a range of finishing methods, such as glazing, torching and vintage, which can bring more elegance and beauty. With Artistic Refinishing, you can really make your cabinets your own, all in a way that is of premium quality, economical and reliable.

With cabinet painting from Artistic Refinishing, you can get the cabinets of your dream with minimal latency at a price you can afford. GET A FREE QUOTE TODAY!