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We transformed our old bathroom to look like new and modern using these amazing bathtub refinishing services! We can’t believe how good our tubs look now!
– William N., Sunrise, FL 5 stars

Sunrise bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing guaranteed to wow your friends and family!

Has your home seen better days? Unless you’ve just moved into a custom home, it likely has. Homes in Sunrise have been settled into and lived in. While those things are what make a house a home, the wear from all the movement in the home takes a toll throughout the home. The most common place you see this damage is the bathrooms. Bathtubs take a beating. While they often begin as shiny and white bathing oases, they often transform into dingy and stained tubs. If you’ve been considering a revision to your bathroom you may think that remodeling may be your best answer. Artistic Finishing believes differently and we have the bathtub refinishing Sunrise customers to attest to it. We allow you to keep all of your fixtures and your bathtub in your home as we transform the appearance completely. You’re able to transform your old dreary looking bathroom into new with our Sunrise bathtub reglazing services. Browse our website to see bathtub refinishing pictures and examples and other types of bathroom painting colors and finishes.

What would you give to have a new looking modern bathroom?

Working in Sunrise has been quite a pleasure. Whether you have an older home with a more intricate bathtub or a more modern tub, we have no obstacles when it comes to providing you the look you want. Artistic Finishing creates custom bathtub refinishing that transforms a room with deep colors and textures that can contrast or complement the existing or future bathroom arrangements. With our many bathtub painting options, we have been servicing Sunrise bathtub reglazing customers for over 30 years and we work hard to exceed expectations.

Make your Sunrise bathroom look like new with bathtub painting and bathtub resurfacing

bathtub resurfacing sunrise The best part about bathtub resurfacing over remodeling is the fact that you are saving the environment. Rather than creating more garbage and having to arrange for disposal, your bathtub doesn’t ever need to be destroyed. We use the existing tub and create a very new look with an old soul. The Sunrise bathtub resurfacing transformation is easy and we take the extra step in walking our customers through the bathtub painting process to answer all the questions and provide the best service. In Sunrise, you can have your bathroom and access it throughout the process. Traditionally in the remodel process, it’s like that you’d have some delay in accessibility for your bathroom. For Artistic Refinishing Sunrise bathtub painting services, we are able to get you in and out in no time. Our bathtub resurfacing team works hard so that you don’t have to.

A new looking bathroom can be a reality at a fraction of the cost

Whether your dealing with old water stains or yellow stains that you’re unsure of the origin for, Artistic Refinishing can take what you’re currently working with and change the entire look. You set the stage and we create it. Contact our office today to speak with a professional consultant. Our bathtub refinishing staff is skilled and experienced. They work hard so that you don’t have to. Because of the way that we operate our bathtub reglazing business, we have sincerely satisfied customers who refer us again and again. The lifetime benefit of choosing Artistic Refinishing’s bathtub resurfacing is the best choice for you and your bathroom. Your quality of life will be improved when you’re able to see how much more you’ll want to slide into that previously grungy bathtub. Our Sunrise bathtub painting services are tailored to each home we service so it’s never one size fits all. You and your home are important, allow us to invest in you.
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Sunrise bathtub resurfacing services are available to you today. Contact our Sunrise bathtub painting experts directly to work with a Sunrise bathtub refinishing consultant on scheduling time to create your dream bathroom. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it with taking on a long remodel and removing a personal functioning bathtub. Allow us to do a makeover and change the look without breaking the bank. Artistic Finishing is your go-to Sunrise bathtub reglazing specialists.

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