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I’m simply stunned by the results! We can’t believe how good our kitchen cabinets look now!
– Rachel V., West Park, FL 5 stars

Let your Kitchen be the highlight and pride of your home. West Park & Pembroke Park cabinet refinishing and cabinet reglazing!

We offer cabinet reglazing and cabinet refinishing results that are quick, effortless, and we don’t cost you a fortune! The cabinet reglazing experts at Artistic Refinishing provide professional cabinet refinishing results that completely renovate a dated kitchen into something much more modern. With over 30 years of cabinet reglazing and cabinet refinishing experience in West Park and Pembroke Park, the Artistic Refinishing cabinet resurfacing team is comprised of cabinet painting experts who know how to quickly and properly refinish and re-glaze sections of your West Park and Pembroke Park kitchen. Instead of spending thousands on new appliances, let us save you both time and money by revitalizing what you already have in your kitchen! Our cabinet reglazing and cabinet refinishing professionals have been serving homeowners like yourself for 30 years. Our experts will come to you in West Park or Pembroke Park for a free consultation. Our cabinet refinishing Pembroke Park and cabinet refinishing West Park experts are standing by to answer all of your questions and show you examples of projects or new colors and finishes for you.
When it comes to kitchens, there’s a right way of doing things, and a better way of doing things. Don’t compromise quality of craftsmanship when it comes to your kitchen, the heart of your home. We have hundreds of happy cabinet reglazing Pembroke Park and cabinet reglazing West Park customers.
We work hard for our customers because their satisfaction is our reputation. We are happy to help you refinish your kitchen, making it much more usable and enjoyable.

Your cabinet doesn’t have to show its age.

Discolored cabinets are associated with uncleanliness, even if you’re cleaning your kitchen weekly. The kitchen is most often one of the places that are seen first when someone walks into your home. The kitchen is the pride and heart of your home, where you spend time and host guests. The cabinet resurfacing experts at Artistic Refinishing can help you choose the perfect finish. We do all the heavy lifting and come to you anywhere in West Park or Pembroke Park for cabinet refinishing free consultation. With over 30 years of cabinet painting experience across Broward county, we are truly the best cabinet reglazing team for the job. We work quickly, efficiently, and we leave you with a kitchen that looks completely renovated. Let the cabinet painting professionals at Artistic Refinishing help you achieve a modernized kitchen anywhere in West Park or Pembroke Park.

Make your West Park or Pembroke Park home look much more modern with cabinet painting and cabinet resurfacing

cabinet resurfacing west park pembroke parkYour kitchen doesn’t need to be old, even if your home is older. You can have an older house and still have a modern new-looking kitchen that revitalizes your entire house feeling. And best of all, this can be done without any kind of renovation or heavy remodeling. The cabinet resurfacing experts at Artistic Refinishing can re-glaze your cabinets in the any color or finish. Instead of purchasing new kitchen cabinets, we can just make your old ones look brand new with cabinet painting. This saves you a lot of time, and obviously a lot of money, too! Cabinet resurfacing is a quick and easy way to renovate your kitchen without a huge time or cost commitment. Cabinet resurfacing in West Park or Pembroke Park is easy and accessible. Call today for a free cabinet refinishing consultation for cabinet painting. We can help you make a brand new kitchen that feels very modern and fun to be in. Our specialized cabinet painting Pembroke Park and cabinet painting West Park services are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Call us today for a free cabinet resurfacing and cabinet reglazing project.

You may be curious about cabinet resurfacing Pembroke Park or cabinet resurfacing West Park services. You may not even really know what cabinet resurfacing really is. Well, we will show you examples and educate you on the process. It’s easy and we leave your home looking beautiful and modern, making sure it’s clean just like it was before. Our cabinet resurfacing experts are professional and highly meticulous, working hard to give your home the same love and attention that it deserves.

A beautiful new kitchen for a fraction of the cost

The cabinet refinishing professionals at Artistic Refinishing in West Park and Pembroke Park can create a beautiful kitchen for you out of what you already have! On top of creating a peaceful and modern space for you to enjoy, we can help improve the price of your home. New kitchen renovations also add a ton of value to your house. People value nice looking kitchens, and a fresh cabinet and fresh countertops rejuvenate the kitchen space entirely. We service all of West Park and Pembroke Park. We offer free consultations for cabinet reglazing and cabinet refinishing, and we will be happy to service you in the West Park and Pembroke Park area.
cabinet refinishing west park pembroke park
With a wide variety of color choices and application techniques, we can make your cabinets look truly modern. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your kitchen or bathroom, consider letting Artistic Refinishing complete your cabinet refinishing and reglazing project in West Park and Pembroke Park. It’s important to keep in mind that cabinet reglazing can be applied to your kitchen and bathroom alike, turning rooms from old to modern with ease and affordability. Contact our cabinet painting team today to get a free cabinet refinishing quote and start planning your brand new space.

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